About MobileEd

MobileEd.org helps teachers, administrators, and students (K-12 and higher ed.) integrate mobiles with curriculum. We are helping create a national resource for teachers and students: lesson plans, learning strategies, best practices, and community.

At the same time, MobileEd.org is also exploring mobile, inquiry-based learning in informal contexts outside the aegis of the Educational Institution.

As mobiles increasingly shape collaboration, participation, and content creation, we’re interested in several areas:

Broadly, how mobiles will improve learning—-both in the US, and in developing and newly industrialized countries;

How mobiles can bring services to communities to provide education in literacy, numeracy, health, environment, and other subject areas;

How a new thinking about learning—mobile learning—will emerge as networked learners use portable devices that offer open access to vast amounts information anytime, anywhere;

The intersection of "old school" approaches to education and new mobile learning technologies and possibilities.